Website Redesign

Above is the original information website. Because informational sites are content-heavy by nature, they can be overwhelming to the user and difficult to navigate. The task for this assignment was to redesign the site, making it more user-friendly.

Drumroll please…above is the redesigned, user-friendly university library website.

Concept Sketches

Wireframe mockups created in Adobe Illustrator

Watercolored prototypes for user testing. This is useful to determine what works and what needs improvement.

A subpage of the library site with and without the interactive sliding menu.

Logo Design for Stationery

This was one of my first attempts at designing a logo specifically for stationery, such as letterhead and business cards. I really enjoy seeing the mock-ups with the final product.

UI Web Design Magic

What’s is UI, or user-interface, design?

First let’s define what a user-interface is:  “the visual part of an application or screen with which a user interacts with a computer or software. It determines how commands are given to the computer or the program and how information is displayed on the screen.” Read More The design element is the process of making the interface user friendly. Good ui design includes content that is:

  • organized with a natural flow and intuitive navigation.
  • easy to view on varying screen sizes.
  • accessible to users with visual, hearing, or other impairments.
  • quickly loaded onto device screens without being distorted.


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